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About us

American Imaging began as an idea inspired by a group of dedicated cartridge sales representatives who, after working with several cartridge companies, became increasingly aware that too much emphasis was made on quick profits rather than competence, quality and especially customer service.  Over and over, we would hear how some company sent poor quality product that leaked all over their printer, overcharged or double charged their credit card and never could seem to send them their paid receipts so that the buyers and cardholders could closeout their books.  They can't seem to understand that if you care about the customer, the customer will care about you and come back again and again.   

It can't be that hard!!! 

When you place an order with American Imaging, that's when our work begins.  Once we process your payment, we immediately fax or email your receipt and ship your product out through Federal Express or UPS (tracking is always available upon request).  Then we go the extra mile by following up with you to make sure that your order and invoice receipt was received properly and to your complete satisfaction.

All of our products are 100% guaranteed to be free of defects and will meet or exceed anything that you're currently using.

Also, all of our products are ISO-9002 (International Standards Organization) certified to be the absolute best quality print and longevity.

 Lastly, we actually do realize that cartridge ordering is way down on your list of priorities.  It should be as quick, hassel-free and painless as possible. We give you our personal promise that when you order with American Imaging, it will be!!!

Thank you and God bless.

American Imaging 

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